Try. Just try. Let the world see your light. Don’t hide it under a cupped hand, afraid of what attention it might bring or what it might cost you. Give yourself the chance to shine and bring light to dark places and broken hearts. Try. Shine. Share your light with one or with the world. Numbers, success, outcomes, recognition, these don’t matter. Only that you try. You know what it is for you, that persistent call, “You must try this, you must do that.” There is no guarantee of another opportunity, of another tomorrow. We can’t take anything with us so why hide in darkness? Even the smallest efforts are great when we stop thinking and just do.

It can be terrifying to step out of our own secrecy. A cage is familiar if not meaningful. Much of the time we build our own prisons by telling ourselves what we can’t do, who we can’t be, instead of shattering the bars by believing in what we can do, who we can be. Most of us would rather not live our lives in self-made cells and yet we resign ourselves to them. Whatever voice says “you can’t, you won’t” is a liar. Whatever voice says “you can, you will” tells the truth. Nothing and no one can steal your gift even if all else is taken. It’s up to us—to you and me—to try. Freedom is ours for the taking if we live in the courage to be.

This year, whatever it is for you, just try. When you do, watch how bright your flame burns and see how far it reaches.

happy new year

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