Week 12: the table (part 1)

“I will come back every f*cking week for the rest of my f*cking life whenever I’m in this town,” he said as he wiped tears from his face. The very best compliment I could have ever received.

My new friend “T” started shedding tears as I ended the night in prayer. I had shared the story of Zacchaeus (one of my favorites), about Jesus inviting us to the table—just like he had invited the sinner, Zacchaeus—for a party. During our moment of reflection, this is what I prayed: 

“Jesus gives us food that never runs out. Wine that never runs dry. His food, his wine, they never run out or run dry, yet leave us hungry and thirsty for more…His table is the best table to be at, with the richest food, the finest wine. Sometimes we wander off to other tables. Maybe we’ve never come to the table at all. Will we come with the faith that it is the best table, with the tastiest food and wine? That’s it is the best place to be? That it has more to offer than any other place? I guarantee that, if we take Jesus at his word, we will find that to be with him is the most satisfying, fulfilling place we could be…Jesus says, ‘Come to the table, just as you are. Whether you’re afraid, or dirty, or weak, or sick, or broken, or drunk, or high, or full of darkness—there is a place for you here. Leave everything at the door. You don’t need to clean up before you come. I will clean you up once you come. I’ll wash you, cut your hair, give you the best clothes I have. I will turn you into the image of the one you follow. It’s up to you. I’m here. You can choose to enter, or not.’”

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