A year ago I made the difficult decision to change jobs. I had worked for my church for a year and a half as a next generation pastor—mostly with youth and young adults, among other things. I felt almost guilty for leaving. I had an enviable ministry job in a beautiful ski town. I left it for a job not as flashy but one that allows for more flexibility and freedom. It paid off. I spent a winter playing in the snow-filled mountains, pursuing creativity, reading good books, embracing healthy detachment and solitude. In leaving one thing—a good thing at that—I made room for what was needed in the next season. I followed my heart. The hard choice created space to enter more fully what I am passionate about. To submerge myself in what I had been only ankle deep.

Sometimes an opportunity shows up and it takes courage to give ourselves to it, to enter the frightening and exciting unknown. We over-analyze and ask, “Is this the correct decision? Am I making the right choice?” We often won’t know until we say “yes” to the new path before us.

I was unsure, without assurance it was “right,” but I said yes. And now I know I was as right as I could have been. Had I chosen differently it probably would have still been right. But that’s the beauty of it—we have the freedom to choose. Sometimes the choice for change is the harder one. And sometimes it’s just what we need. Stepping off that cliff, falling into the dark unknown, unsure of what awaits us, but knowing the movement itself is what matters.

What is it for you?

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