Week 52: a new year

Give yourself room this year. To grow, risk, learn, doubt, question. To try something new. To put yourself out there. Move on from anything that’s draining life and health.

More than making resolutions, just be brave enough to do what’s best for you (not someone else), and to be who you are without having to defend or explain it. Treat yourself well, love yourself well, and I bet it’ll be all that much easier to treat and love others well. 

This year I want to be aware of and make the most of what I have. And I want to love well–myself, others, God. I don’t want to dwell on what I don’t have, what hasn’t happened, how far I have to go. I want to live in the miracle of what I do have, what is. What has happened and is happening. How far I have come, and where I am right now. Because it’s good. 

This year, be brave enough to be who you are, without apology. To pursue those secret, hidden dreams and desires no one else knows about. And see the light you’ll have to give; watch it brighten and grow.

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