Week 43 / 44: moments

Week 43 & 44: moments

I’m on the road living out of my truck for a few weeks, and currently sitting at Moab Coffee Roasters with a cold brew. It’s been a few days of intense bike riding, and I need a breather (and some WiFi).

There’s something living out of a truck teaches you—to slow down. There’s no choice. I have to find a place to camp (free, preferably). I have unload and set up. I have to find ways and places to change and go to the bathroom (it can be fun with number two). I have to crawl into my barely over six feet truck bed to sleep. I have to brave the cold mornings to get out. I have to hunt for something I need that’s out of place. It’s not always fun or easy and definitely not always comfortable and serene (you can’t always find a quiet, secluded place to camp). But it forces me to take my time, to be present, to slow down.

Every landscape here is a work of art. Time has sculpted it by hand, added and taken away with countless years. And even with the beauty, I still have to take time to take it all in. It’s “work” to pay attention, to live in wonder, to hold moments that usually slip away without recognition.

Sometimes we need to do something out of the ordinary to shake ourselves awake.

What will I do with my limited moments? What will you do with yours?

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