Week 36: earth

There’s no quiet quite like this. The wind is the breath of God on my back, trying to speak what I can only hear here. It is so freeing to be lost; unaware of the noise. It’s only you and I and the earth. Nothing can take me from you here. To be alone is to find you. To be lost is to be found by you. Solitude is your kingdom. For me, this is where you are. If I never know anything else in this life, I’ll only know I’ve seen you somewhere, in these mountains and lakes and trees. And here you see me finding you. 

“…Everywhere I go I am treated like royalty, which I am not. I thirst and am given water. My eyes thirst and I am given the white lilies on the black water. My heart sings but the apparatus of singing doesn’t convey what it feels and means. In spring there’s hope, in fall the exquisite, necessary diminishing, in winter I am as sleepy as any beast in its leafy cave, but in summer there is everywhere the luminous sprawl of gifts, the hospitality of the Lord and my inadequate answers as I row my beautiful, temporary body through this water-lily world.” – Mary Oliver

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