Week 7: known over knowing

“In a world where people believe they are not hungry, we must not offer food but rather an aroma that helps them desire the food that we cannot provide…[we] must endeavor to be a question rather than an answer and an aroma rather than food.”

Peter Rollins

When I ask for answers, give me more questions.

When I ask for proof, give me more doubt.

When I ask for water, give me more thirst.

When I ask for food, give me more hunger.

You are not a solution, but a breath. You are not an answer, but a journey.

Always, we think we can see you, hear you, hold you, know you, more clearly than the rest. But always, it is you, who sees me, hears me, holds me, knows me, more truly than I do you.

If god can be fully contained in only my words and experience, it is not God.

My greatest peace is not first that I know you (as if I can capture all of you through my pinhole vision), but that you know me.

I will always be more at home in the darkness, because it means I will never stop searching, calling, reaching, hoping; it means I will never stop trusting. What faith is required of those who believe they have discovered all there is to know of you?

The beauty is not that we know so much, but that we know so little. The less I know, the more grateful I am for your complete knowing of me, and the more I love you for it.

“We are like an infant in the arms of God, unable to grasp but being transformed by the grasp.”

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One response to “Week 7: known over knowing”

  1. Interesting thoughts. As a lifelong learner, I just enrolled in the Christian Leaders Institute and am 6 credits into a restorative justice certification. I am finding I find something new or to ponder from each lesson. No matter what the subject matter, I don’t believe one can ever know everything about it, especially concerning God and His infinite mind, design and plans. It would be dangerous, though, to not continue to seek to delve into understanding. I totally believe we’ll never know it all, but in studying, we can deepen our relationship with Him and pass that on to others. New information brings new questions, new yearning to search more. I look forward to heaven when I can say, “O, so THAT’S what you meant!”

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